First Aid/CPR Summer Programs

    Make the world a safer place by enrolling in a First Aid/CPR Summer Program. Often held in conjunction with swimming and diving courses, these programs are typically are based on American Red Cross educational formats and offer certification. First Aid/CPR is taught by a combination of in-person and simulation training. Courses are taught in groups with specialized instructors who can provide individualized feedback and technique improvement. Some programs also incorporate training in the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs). First aid education focuses on how to respond to common emergencies, including burns, cuts, head, neck and back injuries and more. CPR training provides skills to help people who have suffered cardiac and breathing emergencies.

    Project Endeavor – Medicine in Los Angeles
    Summer Programs

    Project Endeavor – Medicine in Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, California

    Train for your future career as a medical professional at Project Endeavor.  Los Angeles is the best setting for an ultimate summer experience pursuing your passion for innovation and creativity and to let your inner entrepreneur take command! It’s sure to be filled with new friends and unforgettable experiences...(more)

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