French Language Summer Programs

    You can spend this summer learning French in France or another French-speaking country, or in a language-immersion village in the United States. Either way, you’ll expand your vocabulary, polish your grammar and become more at ease in conversations. You’ll also get a better appreciate of French history and culture. Some of these programs are based in famous cities such as Paris and Nice but also include travel. Whether you’re a beginner or have studied French for several years, there’s a summer language program to suit your skills, budget and schedule.

    Tufts Pre-College Intensive: International Relations
    Summer Programs

    Tufts Pre-College Intensive: International Relations

    Medford, Massachusetts

    Rising high school juniors and seniors will experience Tufts University’s distinctive approach to the study of International Relations, earn college credit, and create a path toward future scholastic and professional goals. During the program, students will immerse themselves in intensive, college-level foreign language training. ..(more)

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