Health and Well Being Summer Programs

    Learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and take actions to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health by enrolling in a Health and Well Being Summer Program. Pre-college program participants can receive education on nutrition, diet, sleep and exercise. These programs also expose students to careers within the health and wellness fields, such as nutritionist, fitness trainer, public or community health worker, corporate wellness coach, life coach and more. Experts in the field teach participants how to connect their knowledge and skills with the world by designing programs and using digital tools like social media and websites. Health and well being programs are hosted by colleges and other institutes, as residential and day sessions.

    Arcos Journeys: Movement & Health through Nature
    Summer Programs

    Arcos Journeys: Movement & Health through Nature

    Costa Rica

    Find a place of peace and balance in Costa Rica, a country renowned for its natural beauty, native wildlife, and friendly people. Learn about sustainable agriculture and the Costa Rican diet. Zipline through the rainforest and soak in hot springs. Practice meditation and yoga in the cloud forest next to pristine mountain rivers...(more)

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