Horseback Riding Summer Programs

    Whether designed solely for horseback riding enthusiasts or overall outdoor enthusiasts, Horseback Riding Summer Programs combine equestrian instruction with animal knowledge and fun with peers. The programs welcome a wide range of riders of middle and high school age — from advanced equestriennes to those who have never ridden before. Day and overnight programs offer group and one-on-one instruction from expert equestrians. Horses and ponies are available, depending on the program host, and sessions are typically coed but sometimes geared toward girls only. Horseback riding takes participants through woods, meadows, along rivers, into the mountains and roadside. There are also opportunities to ride tracks and learn how to care for horses and maintain stables. Some horseback riding programs combine the activity with other outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, rafting and canoeing.

    Summer Camps at HoneyRock
    Summer Programs

    Summer Camps at HoneyRock

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    Explore Christian summer camps for your 1st - 12th grader! We invite campers into a change of pace. Here, campers can ask big questions, learn how to navigate life away from home, and see God at work in new ways. This is what makes HoneyRock "a place apart" - a powerful learning environment for youth and young adults...(more)

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