Marine Biology Summer Programs

    What is a Marine Biology Summer Program?

    From the deck of a certified U.S. Coast Guard marine research vessel to cave snorkeling, beach combing and laboratory science, marine biology summer programs help launch students onto the college or career tract of their choice. Marine biology is a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) field particularly suited to educating students through experience and field work. These summer programs combine recreation such as hiking, swimming, biking and fishing with hands-on team projects and classroom education. Students build a foundation across various fields of study, including environmental science, oceanography, biology, chemistry, physics and math. Expert faculty and instructors guide students as they research, analyze and present results. Students engage with peers and take part in extracurricular activities as residential or travel participants or through day and even virtual programs.

    Why Should I Take a Marine Biology Summer Program?

    Are you interested in becoming a future marine biologist? Do you love ocean life? Maybe you just want to get out and learn more about aquatic life and animals? Either way, a marine biology summer program can give you hands-on experience on a subject that you are interested in. Whether it’s in the lab, in the water, or online, there are many different ways for you to learn about and appreciate the unique field of marine biology.

    UC San Diego Academic Connections
    Summer Programs

    UC San Diego Academic Connections

    La Jolla, California

    UC San Diego Academic Connections provides a pre-college summer online experience that is academically enriching to a diverse population of high-achieving, college-bound high school students motivated to explore the offerings of UC San Diego – a top five, internationally ranked public institution...(more)

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