Mental Health & Well-Being Summer Programs

    Mental health & well-being are becoming important points of focus for society, especially for young teens who are developing a sense of self and belonging. These were concepts or ideas that were previously ignored or put to the side for the pursuit of career success or academic excellence. But now, they are a vital part of our growth and happiness. Summer programs that are focused on mental health & well-being come in all forms. Whether it is a writing workshop or a meditation retreat, there are so many ways teens can work on their mental health & well-being over their summer break!

    Arcos Journeys: Movement & Health through Nature
    Summer Programs

    Arcos Journeys: Movement & Health through Nature

    Costa Rica

    Find a place of peace and balance in Costa Rica, a country renowned for its natural beauty, native wildlife, and friendly people. Learn about sustainable agriculture and the Costa Rican diet. Zipline through the rainforest and soak in hot springs. Practice meditation and yoga in the cloud forest next to pristine mountain rivers...(more)

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