Summer Programs in Norway

    Climb tall mountains that offer stunning views of the cliffside coast below, gaze down at the dramatic fjords, and visit the seaside villages of Norway. Adventure is paired with just the right amount of cultural immersion in Norway. Try the fish dishes that the country is known for, walk among locals through the red villages that dot the coastline, and push your limits as to how high you can hike. High school students seeking outdoor adventure beyond the well-worn path will enjoy a summer program in Norway.

    AFS-USA: Summer Study Abroad
    Summer Programs

    AFS-USA: Summer Study Abroad

    New York, New York

    Summer is an ideal time to study abroad in high school. Discover new people, places, and perspectives without missing out on your school year back home. Whether you want a two-week dive into sustainable development or a two-month language-learning program, you’ll find our summer study abroad options pack a lot into a little time...(more)

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