TeenLife’s Guest Blog Policy

    Interested in posting a guest blog with TeenLife? Great! The TeenLife Blog receives over hundreds and thousands of visitors every year as they look for the informative and insightful content we regularly provide. Here are our requirements and benefits that you can expect from a guest blog post on our site.

    What You Receive From a Guest Blog Post

    A guest blog post on TeenLife will give:

    1. SEO optimization recommendations from the Content Manager.
    2. One link to the site of your choice that will be scraped by search engines (either embedded in content or under author profile).
    3. A unique author profile that includes a headshot, brief bio, and/or view website link.
    4. A copyright free image.
    5. Promotion on our twitter page as well as twitter mentions.

    We encourage our guest blog posters to give us their twitter handle and to like/retweet/interact with our tweets, if applicable.

    What is Required For a Guest Blog Post

    Every guest blog post on TeenLife must meet the following criteria:

    1. The guest blog organization must have a listing on TeenLife (standard or paid).
    2. The topic must cover teen-related topics, such as gap years, pre-med, etc.
      1. For example, we do not accept topics for:
        1. Driving schools/driving tips
        2. Rehab/alcohol/drug addiction
        3. Gambling/casinos
        4. Smoking
        5. Anything that is clearly a product placement
      2. There are no exceptions. Rejection or acceptance of topics is solely at the discretion of the Content Manager. We do not accept payment for guest blog posts.
    3. Must include only one link to the site of their choice. Otherwise we use internal linking. We limit the number of links to 3 to 4, with only one of those links to a site they wish to promote.
      1. If there are multiple links to the site of their choice, we will add a “nofollow” tag to the rest of the sites.
    4. Content must be 100% original and not published anywhere else.
    5. (Optional but strongly encouraged) Include headings. Headings should break up the content and be used to optimize SEO. Headings can be added on your behalf but we strongly encourage guest blog posters to include headings before submission.

    Along with a Word/Google doc of the content, the submission should also include:

    1. Author’s profile picture.
    2. Brief author bio (under 80 words).
    3. Link to the site of their choice.
      1. Note, if you opt for this link then you do not get a link embedded within the content.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I want to pay to put a link to my site in one of your pre-existing blogs, how much is it?
    A: We do not participate in pay-per-link agreements. We do not insert any link into our previously existing blog posts.

    Q: How much does it cost to post a blog post that promotes my [insert topic/company/site]?
    A: We do not participate in pay-per-article agreements. We will not publish any blog post on our site unless it adheres to the above. We do not post any content that is clearly self-promoting or an advertisement, payment or not.

    Q: I can write any article you want, including topics for teens. What do you want me to write?
    A: We only accept guest blog posts from writers who have the authority to cover the topic. If the topic is related to teens, then we need to verify/determine that you have authority to cover it. For example, if you propose writing a topic on how to handle test stress, then we need some kind of evidence/previously existing content that shows you covered the topic before.

    If you'd like to submit a guest blog post to TeenLife, then fill out our guest blog submission here.

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