Camp Eco.Logic

    Camp Eco.Logic


    • Listing Type: After School Enrichment
    • Entering Grade: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Session Start: December
    • Session Length: One Week, Other
    • Category: Academic
    • Sub-Categories: Agriculture, Social Justice, STEM, Animals/Nature, Leadership, Animal Rights and Rescue, Health and Well Being, Preserving the Environment, Career Exploration, Environmental Science, Wildlife Conservation, Humanities
    • Minimum Cost: Free
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    Camp Eco.Logic provides opportunities for middle and high school students looking to increase their environmental knowledge and leadership. Campers make friends with others who share a love for the planet and will interact with environmental leaders working on solutions. Participants will leave Camp Eco.Logic feeling empowered to take action! We offer Camp Eco.Logic 101s, which cover a wide array of topics as well as Camp Eco.Logic Deep Dives, which focus on one topic in particular.

    Camp Eco.Logic is offering a Deep Dive on the topic of “Resilient and Equitable Food Systems.” Our current food system is simply not working and not sustainable. The average American meal travels 1,500 miles from farm to table, 40% of the food produced in the United States is wasted and never eaten, and at the same time, almost 42 million Americans may experience food insecurity.

    Our modern agricultural system contributes to climate change and in return, climate change affects our ability to grow food. We need to break this cycle and move towards resilient and equitable food systems. Join us to learn more and be a part of the solution! Campers will spend 4 days learning about the problems with our food system as well as the opportunities for change. Campers will pick one topic that they will develop a policy proposal around so they can leave camp with a tangible action plan.

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