UC San Diego: Research Scholars

    UC San Diego: Research Scholars


    • Listing Type: After School Enrichment
    • Entering Grade: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Session Start: September, October, November
    • Session Length: Quarter
    • Category: STEM
    • Sub-Categories: Marine Biology, Bio Technology, Sports Medicine, Environmental Science
    • Minimum Cost: > $1,000
    • Gender: Coed
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    Immersive, Real-World Research Applications

    The Research Scholars programs at UC San Diego provide students with unparalleled educational opportunities that leverage the intellectual capital of an internationally ranked research university. Students assume the role of researcher, becoming fully immersed in projects that have real-world applications.

    Dive into unique science research learning experiences that teach highly sought-after skills that can make students more competitive candidates for college admissions and internship opportunities. From Bioengineering and Life Sciences to Marine Science, explore a topic and apply today!

    Fall courses are now open for enrollment!

    Bioengineering: In partnership with the UC San Diego Department of Bioengineering, our programs provide the general science and engineering foundations of bioengineering based on fun, experiential, remote, at-home, hands-on lab activities.

    • BioMechanics & MechanoBiology teaches hands-on skills of BioMechanics and MechanoBiology and background knowledge of how such techniques are used.
    • Tissues Engineering and Regenerative Medicine provide hands-on skills of mammalian cell isolation, tissue fabrication, and tissue culture, and background knowledge of how such methods are used to bioengineer new therapies.
    • BioEngineering Scholar High School Internship Project gives students the opportunity to plan and conduct a focused research project in collaboration with an academic lab. 

    Life Sciences: In partnership with the Boz Institute, explore fundamental biology topics, modern laboratory techniques, and relevant bioinformatics and statistical applications. Learn to synthesize life science fundamentals, review literature, formulate hypotheses and design experiments, collect and process samples, execute experiments, analyze data, and showcase your work through poster presentations attended by local scientists and industry leaders.

    • Introduction to Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Program introduces students to experimental design, biostatistics fundamentals, management of a large gene expression data set, and basics bioinformatics concepts.
    • Molecular Phylogenetics teaches evolutionary and molecular biology concepts, and extract DNA from multiple species to genetically sequence and analyze mutation rates, speciation, and adaptive metabolic mechanisms.

    Marine Science (NEW): Gain foundational knowledge in ocean sciences, specifically marine biology and related disciplines. Explore the diversity of life and how biological, chemical and physical processes drive ecosystem dynamics in a marine environment. Investigate relevant, contemporary environmental issues and how to build a career in marine science.

    • Introduction to Marine Science exposes students to the processes, functions, and life forms of Earth's incredible ocean environment and develop a comprehensive foundation in biological, chemical, and physical oceanography.
    • Principles of Organismal Biology focuses on the diversity of life in the oceans through the lens of an evolutionary biologist.
    • Marine Biodiversity: Coral Reef Ecology and Conversation examines how physical, chemical, and biological processes created incredible coral reef systems worldwide.


    Design Thinking: Design Thinking is a proven way to identify and solve real-world problems and is one of the most sought-after mindsets and methods in today's civic and business worlds. This Bootcamp focuses on user research via the ethnographic methods of participant observation and the ethics of conducting research online and offline. Students will learn practical skills on how to ethically and effectively conduct online interviews and focus groups, design surveys and develop case studies.



    School of Medicine: Designed with faculty from the UC San Diego School of Medicine, students can explore two exciting fields of medicine. The Sports Medicine Summer Academy familiarizes students with the focus, concepts, content and activities of the area of clinical medicine called Sports Medicine. The Reproductive and Oncofertility Science Academy dives into oncofertility – an exciting new field in medicine that addresses the fertility needs and quality of life issues for young cancer patients.



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