The Help Group Schools & Programs

    The Help Group Schools & Programs


    • Listing Type: Private Schools
    • Residency: Day, Residential
    • Type: Special Needs, Therapeutic
    • Grades Offered: Below 6th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Country: United States
    • CEEB: 53607
    • Special Needs Served: Learning Differences, Therapeutic, Autism Spectrum, Other Developmental Disability
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    The Help Group's 10 specialized day schools offer pre-K through high school programs for more than 1,600 students with special needs related to autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD, emotional and other challenges. They also offer mental health and therapy services, and residential programs. 

    The Help Group’s Schools for Teens:

    Parkhill School is an intensive therapeutic program serving children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges.

    North Hills Prep offers a college preparatory curriculum while supporting students with social emotional challenges.

    Westview is a college preparatory program for students with mild emotional issues, ADHD and learning differences.

    STEM3 Academy provides an innovative and rigorous K-12 curriculum for students with social and learning differences, including autism, who have a passion for STEM fields and may benefit from experiential learning approaches.

    Summit View School is a college preparatory program for students with learning differences who possess average to above-average intellectual capabilities.

    Village Glen School is a college preparatory program that serves students K-12 with high-functioning autism and challenges in the areas of socialization, language development and peer relations. The Pace Program offers honors and AP classes for gifted students. The Beacon Program provides additional positive behavior support for students with behavioral challenges.

    Bridgeport School provides basic skills education, community based instruction and vocational training, for students ages 5 to 22 with mild to moderate cognitive delays and challenges with social communication and/or language development.

    Bridgeport Vocational Education Center is for young adults with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental differences, ages 18 to 22, providing vocational skills training, including supported job placements.

    Sunrise School is dedicated to promoting communicative, behavioral, social, academic, motor, adaptive and independent living skills. These comprehensive programs enable each student to maximize their potential.

    The Help Group's Programs: 

    Advance LA offers the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by parents of teens and young adults with unique challenges, “What happens next?” Their personalized program provides clients with the experiences and opportunities necessary to lead a fulfilling adult life. They offer coaching services, a residential program, and support groups, as well as workshops and conferences for young adults, parents, and industry professionals. 

    Project Six is a therapeutic residential program. They assist young people in gaining the comprehensive skills necessary to succesfully reintegrate into their local school, community and family home. Residents experience a nurturing environment where positive and constructive feedback is integrated into a structured daily schedule. Supported by a highly skilled, compassionate and caring clinical and behavioral staff, residents are encouraged to address their individual needs in a proactive and productive manner. 

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