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    Colorado Educational Consulting (CEC) is a private, comprehensive consulting service that helps students find and apply to colleges, boarding schools, and summer programs. CEC provides families with individualized attention and specialized guidance.

    At CEC, we know that applying to schools is a difficult, time consuming, and costly experience. Our goal is to help the student reach their goals with as little stress as possible. We want to match the student with schools that will provide the best educational experience for them. The process works as follows:

    • Clarify academic and career goals
    • Advise the student on course selections and extracurricular activities to help them reach their potential
    • Locate colleges that meet the students academic, artistic, athletic, and social needs
    • Help the family prepare to visit those colleges
    • Construct an application that best represents the students strengths and unique qualities
    • Prepare supplementary materials such as portfolios, auditions, and athletic videos
    • Assist the family in understanding the financial aid process
    • Work with the family to decide upon early decision options, and
    • Help the family review offers of admission and make matriculation decisions.

    CEC also offers Standardized Test Preparation, College Essay Assistance, Summer Program Advising, and Understanding Financial Aid.

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