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    College Pathfinders is an academic counseling and coaching program designed to take the stress out of the admissions process. We help students and families determine which colleges are best in terms of interests, abilities and accomplishments, and work one-on-one to build winning applications.

    Our Gold Pathfinders program offers:

    • In-depth interviews on college preferences with student and parents
    • Planning for rigorous course choices
    • Help with organization and study skills
    • Reviews of academic records; preparation of activities resume
    • Strategies for teacher recommendations
    • Advice on making successful college visits
    • Practice for interviews
    • Preparation of list of colleges uniquely suited to students
    • Advice on meeting deadlines and requirements for applications
    • SAT/ACT essay prep
    • Major essay writing assistance
    • Advice on making the final choice once acceptances are received
    • College Pathfinder's "Coping in College" seminar.

    Each client also receives a copy of "Fiske Guide to Colleges" and Judy's book 25 Months Until College.

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