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    At College Planning Services we assess your goals and talents and identify the colleges that best fit you. We assist you throughout the application process. We prepare you for the SAT/ACT, assist with college application essays and interviews and search for financial aid.

    At College Planning Services, we offer packages for College, Boarding School Placement, and Gap Year. In our College Admission Services, we help you to:

    • Direct the college application process
    • Assess your interests, goals and talents
    • Review academic and testing records
    • Create a list of colleges that best fit you
    • Guide course selection and extracurricular activities
    • SAT/ACT Test Preparation and scheduling
    • Create an application timeline
    • Assist with completion of applications
    • Critique application essays
    • Develop interviewing skills
    • Assist with resume development
    • Assist with scholarship search
    • Research financial aid
    • Plan campus visits

    Gap years can provide focus for choosing a college major and provide an edge in the job market. A gap year allows students to build up their resumes before starting college. If a student opts to take a gap year, they should include activities that will bolster their academic resumes, as well as their extra-curricular achievements, college officials say. There are a wide range of activities for students, but they should aim at clarifying academic goals. There are numerous formal programs aimed at guiding students through their gap year and helping them find the right activities. College Planning Services can provide the right guidance in navigating your options for a gap year.

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