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    The mission of College Possibilities is to guide students with learning disabilities to higher education or post-secondary opportunities that support their differences and prepare them for success and happiness into adulthood.

    College Possibilities offers College as well as Theraputic Services. We meet with students and families individually throughout the college search and application process. Following a series of in-depth discussions with the student and parent(s), we generate a prospective list of colleges that match the students academic, social, physical and emotional needs, goals, talents, and interests. Together, we refine this list until a select group of colleges to which the student will apply is determined and we help you create memorable and successful applications.

    Comprehensive services for students with learning differences (including but not limited to processing disorders, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorders) include:

    • Review of the students educational history and all documentation, which may include psycho-educational evaluations, neuropsychological reports, IEP/504, high school transcripts and other relevant documents
    • Learning styles, personality type, college major and career assessments that will assist students in choosing high school courses, extracurricular activities, community service opportunities, summer jobs and internships
    • Consulting on all aspects of college applications, essays, resumes, recommendation letters and interviews, as well as preparation for college visits
    • Referrals to experts in standardized test preparation, tutoring and psycho-educational or neuropsychological evaluations for required documentation for college and other accommodations
    • Evaluation of college acceptances based on a student-driven approach to determining the right fit
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