Davis Groves Educational Services, LLC.


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    Davis Education & Career Consultants offers a highly personalized, systemized process for client self exploration and discovery. Our goal is to inspire you to learn as much about yourself as possible in order to connect exciting long term education and career goals.

    Davis Education & Career Consultants offers services for College, Junior and Secondary Boarding and Day Schools, Graduate School, Careers, as well as Individual, Group, and Corporate Programs. Our Comprehensive College Planning Package includes:

    • College Environment Overview
    • Parent & Student Interview
    • Individual Personality Assessments (Do What You Are and Career Interest Profile)
    • High School Assessment (Transcript, Testing & Extracurricular Activities)
    • Resume
    • College List/Spread Sheet
    • College Summaries
    • Career/Major Information
    • Timelines
    • Essay Review
    • Application Review
    • Interview Prep
    • MyCCA Online Office
    • Email, Skype and Phone Correspondence, Follow-Up Action Plans

    Our Individual Consultation services include: Tutors/Test Prep, SAT/ACT, Gap Year, Study Abroad, Student Athletics, Summer Programs, Scholarships and Financial Aid, Internships, and Myers Briggs Type.