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    Choosing the ‘best fit’ college is one of the most important decisions a student and family will make. As you have come to realize, there will be many challenges that you will face. Kahn College Consulting works with the student and family on key issues to demystify this complex process.

    Lori’s organizational skills and detail-oriented approach have proven successful in helping families navigate the world of college admissions. Her college consulting service begins with interpreting data from the Soul-Searching Student Survey, a personal assessment tool, which is a key element in identifying the best college match. Throughout the process, she provides guidelines and structure for families to find the ‘best fit’ college choices. Lori has guided numerous students and their families through the complex college admissions process. Lori has spent 22 years as a college administrator in admissions, academic advising and counseling. She also has experience teaching at the college level. Lori holds a masters degree in counseling psychology, has completed the course work for a doctorate in educational administration and is a graduate of the Independent Educational Consultants Association Summer Training Institute.

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