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    Elissa Sommerfield's TEST PREP offers real world solutions for real world problem-solving, starting anywhere from TAKS to the bar exam. We don't just teach to the test; we teach a methodology that helps you solve problems meant to test your skills.

    We at TESTPrep ascertain the strength of a high school student's previous education, strengthens the fundamentals, if lacking, and builds from there. Our tutoring and our classes train the student to take on ever more rigorous testing and help them learn the material underlying the test and in the book. We also will prepare them for college level work in verbal, written, and mathematical skills to be able to take these newly sharpened abilities well beyond their high school years.

    Because the TESTPrep system was born in the halls of college, its precepts can be applied to any college major. Plus, if the student should happen to be fortunate enough to be tutored under the TESTPrep system previous to college, then then most of the study skills learned earlier can be applied directly to college with much the same success. In either case, TESTPrep will give that needed edge to best the competition of other classmates unprepared for the rigors of college life.

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