GrubStreet Summer Writing Classes

    GrubStreet Summer Writing Classes


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Program Delivery: Online
    • Session Start: April, June, July, August
    • Session Length: One Week
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Academic
    • Sub-Categories: Writing, Arts
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Call: (617) 695-0075
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    Are you a teen who likes to write stories, poems, lyrics, novels, or screenplays? Then get involved in GrubStreet’s Young Adult Writers Program (YAWP)!

    Are you a teen interested in writing poems and stories? Maybe you’re just beginning and want to try your hand at creative writing in a supportive but rigorous atmosphere, or maybe you’ve been filling notebooks with plays and rhymes for years. Either way, GrubStreet's teen classes are for you! Each class will read and discuss published short stories and poems, do writing exercises, talk about craft (the tools and techniques in poetry and fiction), and the writing process. For high school students only. 

    Scholarships are available for all classes!


    ALL Teen series and multi-week classes will be remote and take place from 10:30 to 3:30pm.

    See all Summer 2021 classes:

    April 20th to April 23rd

    Still Writing! Fueling Our Creative Joy in a Messed Up World -- For Teens! with Dzidzor Azalgo

    June 28th to July 2nd

    June Week of Creative Writing with Ulya Aviral

    Gender? I Don't Even Know Her! with JR Mahung

    July 6th to July 9th

    July Week of Creative Writing A with Kayla Degala-Paraiso

    Diverse Futurism with Asata Radcliffe

    Creative Writing as Self Care with Dzidzor Azaglo

    July 12th to July 16th

    July Week of Creative Writing B with Dzidzor Azaglo

    July 19th to July 23rd

    July Week of Creative Writing C with Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah

    Love in Mundane Forms with Kayla Degala-Paraiso

    Folklore, Tales, & Myths Reinvented with Dzidzor Azaglo

    July 26th to July 30th

    July Week of Creative Writing D with JR Mahung

    Embracing the Strange: Works that Bend Genre and Form with Marcella Haddad

    August 2nd to August 6th

    August Week of Creative Writing A with Marcella Haddad

    TEEN Writers' Bootcamp: Writing Your Novel with Katie Bayerl

    Writing Our Joy: Creative Writing Delights in a Chaotic World with Dzidzor Azaglo

    August 9th to August 13th

    August Week of Creative Writing B with Stephanie K. Brownell

    Teen Writers’ Bootcamp: Writing for Film with Mariona Lloreta

    Week of Writing Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Magical Realism with Marcella Haddad

    August 16th to August 20th

    Flash Fiction for Fun & Profit with Marcella Haddad

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