Sotheby’s Institute: Painting and Drawing

    Sotheby’s Institute: Painting and Drawing


    • Listing Type: Summer Programs
    • Program Delivery: Online
    • Session Start: July
    • Session Length: Two Weeks
    • Entering Grade: 10th, 11th, 12th
    • Gender: Coed
    • Category: Academic
    • Sub-Categories: Arts
    • Selective: No
    • Ages: 15, 16, 17, 18
    • Minimum Cost: $1,500 - $2,999
    • Call: (646) 665-1861
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    Learn the history of painting and drawing, and practice your drawing techniques, in an exciting online studio environment designed to sharpen skills, foster creativity, and provide context for these foundational artistic practices in today’s global art market.

    Students enrolled in this online Studio course will balance a variety of expert-led live sessions with self-guided practice to build new artistic skills in an exciting and dynamic virtual setting. Taught by practicing contemporary artists and with guest appearances by leaders in the contemporary art world, this Studio course provides beginning students with the guidance, techniques, and support to encourage them to find and develop their own creative vision. In this course, students will learn basic drawing techniques through a hands-on, multifaceted approach that motivates them to learn new skills as well as deepen their knowledge of visual communication.

    This course is ideal for students who are creatively inclined and searching for a supportive and instructional environment to help them develop their drawing and painting talents. This program is geared towards students eager to discover their passions, try something new and prepare for college. From hands-on studio sessions to virtual site visits, with online activities led by expert practitioners, the Studio program is curated to give students a newfound sense of direction for their future studies.

    Students will be provided with a list of materials they should purchase before the start of the course.

    Cost and Session Information

    PRICE: $2,850

    DATES: July 5 - July 16

    *Listed program costs do not include course-specific lab and materials fees. Learn more on our website.

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