Be the Hero in the Mirror

    Be the Hero in the Mirror


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    • Minimum Age: 18
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    The American Red Cross has been working tirelessly all summer in into this fall to provide comfort and support to both Hurricane victims in the Gulf States and Wildfire Evacuees out west. We are still looking for a few more heroes willing to put their hand up, be trained and travel to a Disaster Response Zone for a 2-week deployment.

    The American Red Cross continues to collect blood and respond to disasters both local and nationally. We have introduced a series of on-line events that introduce the public to our volunteers that have put their hand up to serve the mission.

    These one-hour virtual events use EventBrite for a secure registration process and links to our presentation platform.

    You will hear directly from volunteers that served boots on the ground during recent floods in the Gulf Coast or out on the west coast for the wildfires.

    Listen to why the did what they did

    Learn how easy it is to join the Red Cross and qualify for a lifechanging experience.

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