SeekHealing: Volunteer to communicate and support those healing


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Category: Advocacy for Cause, Health and Well Being
    • Volunteer Type: Online
    • Minimum Age: 12
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    SeekHealing provides free support services for anyone at any stage in the process of healing from addiction or trauma. We address the social drivers of addiction. We help each other experience real human connection and we provide free access to holistic healing services.

    Virtual volunteer opportunities include:

    • Space Owls are those who have completed SeekHealing Listening Training I course and who volunteer to intentionally hold space for others. Space Owls can participate in the following ways:
    • Listening Booth: Help create judgment-free listening spaces at events as well as local emergency housing shelters, food pantries, and syringe access programs.
    • Listening Line: Take phone-calls to create judgment-free connections with people who call or text when experiencing loneliness.
    • Welcome Party: Call or meet up with new seekers to welcome them to the community or go to a meeting together.
    • Connection Practice Meetings: support the person practicing facilitation at SeekHealing meetings, and hold space with anyone in the group who needs 1:1 connection.
    • Social Media
    • We need volunteers for Blogging, interviewing, sharing personal stories and testimonials, photographing and videoing events.