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    Sitar Arts Center


    • Listing Type: Volunteer Opportunities
    • Volunteer Type: Individual, Special Events, Other
    • Minimum Age: 12
    • Call: (202) 797-2145
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    Our mission is to offer possibilities that transform the lives of children and teens born into a world of unequal access to opportunity.

    We engage children and teens in the highest quality visual, performing and digital arts. We teach the arts so that our students learn about themselves and gain critical life skills. We create community for students and their families. And we are an untiring voice on their behalf.

    Community Service Opportunities for High School Students

    High School students seeking community service hours are required to enroll at Sitar as students during the Sitar registration period. They must register for at least one teen arts class in addition to registering for a “community service job”. This class is for their personal enrichment and not for community service credit.

    During the registration appointment students will work with the Senior Director of Programs. Together they will select a community service job from a list of available jobs that best fits their skills and interests as well as the needs of the Center.

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