Virtual Internships Foundations: Discover Guided Remote Internships for High School Students

    Join us for this webinar and get to know Virtual Internships and our unique high school program.

    Virtual Internships has been facilitating remote internships to 3000+ students around the world since 2018. In 2020, we created Virtual Internships Foundations, a guided internship program for students in secondary education who are starting to consider their college and career choices.

    We support students aged 14-18 globally (16 countries and counting!) with a guided virtual internship model, offering the opportunity to explore a career field of interest, gain structured work experience with a global company and work in a project team with peers from around the world. The program is scaffolded by a live and online tuition-based business skills and professional development curriculum.

    The end goal of the program is to empower the student with career exploration and foundational business skills, build confidence and intercultural fluency, and enable them to begin to build their networks.

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